Changes are coming! But for now…

Dear Readers:

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted anything in the last month! Things got a little crazy for me as I decided to quit my job, and my husband and I also decided to try hosting our own blogs. So I will soon be directing you to a new site, but for now I wanted to get another post up about something new I just tried.

As a crafter, I am constantly seeing new exciting tools and products that I feel I absolutely have to have! The problem is that those new things often end up in a drawer somewhere, forgotten when the next best thing comes along. Well, I recently challenged myself to dig to the bottom of my drawers to find something I’ve never used – and to use it! What I found is this great product called Cow of Many Colors embossing powder. I bought it at the Auntie Amy rubber stamping convention last year from a vendor called CowTown Stamps. It’s an embossing powder that changes color the longer you heat it with your heat gun. It starts out as a purple/blue, then turns green, then yellow, then finally turns to orange. I thought it would be perfect for my sun image stamp. What do you think?Cow of Many Colors card

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Monica’s wedding cards

My sister-in-law’s sister, Monica, is getting married! She’s having a small wedding in Las Vegas at Cesar’s Palace, and the casino wanted to charge her a fortune for the table centerpieces they offer. So we decided to make cards to set at each person’s plate to serve as centerpieces, and Monica and her fiance will write a personal thank you in the cards to each guest for coming out to Vegas for the wedding. I designed them using Monica’s wedding colors: black, white, and pink. Then we all got together and had a card making party. They turned out great!

Click on the picture to get the instructions! Monica's wedding cards

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“Toe-tal” Inspiration!

Inspiring Toes!This weeks theme for Wednesday Stamper was “flora.” While looking around for inspiration for this theme I glanced down at my newly pedicured feet (a surprise pampering from my wonderful mother!) and saw the cutest inspiration for a card. Viola!Flora card

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Something simple I made for Wednesday Stamper

Swirly Dance tagMy first contribution to Wednesday Stamper! This week’s challenge was to use swirls in a stamped project, so this is what I came up with. The swirls in the background are actually the rays of this sun image stamp by Stampendous (the face of the sun is hidden under the dancer).Soleil Points by Stampendous I just loved the swirls of the rays so much that I wanted to find another way to use them. The dancer is stamped on a thin, shimmery silver paper I got in a scrap pack, and I added some beads to some wire and put it through the eyelet on the top of the tag. It’s simple, but I like how it turned out.

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Just getting started

NotepadsI’ll be gone for just a few days, but here’s a taste of things to come.

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