Basic Supplies for the Paper Crafting Beginner: Part III

The third instalment of my “supplies for beginners” series is all about adhesives. This can be a very sticky, and confusing, topic – even for old-timers! With the variety of embellishments and materials paper crafters are using these days the adhesives industry has become very specialized. There are different glues for adhering metal, fabric, plastic, glitter, and all sorts of paper; but all adhesives generally fall within four categories.

Part III: Adhesives

Dry adhesives = double sided tapes, photo mount squares, foam pop dots or pop squares (to add dimension), and tape runners (like Mono Adhesive) or similar glue dispensers, are all types of dry adhesives. These all work great for gluing paper to paper, and other lighter weight embellishments to paper. Many crafters love using glue dots (like Zots) for adhering buttons and ribbon to their projects.

Wet adhesives = this is where you will get into more specialized (and expensive!) items. Each glue is made for bonding different materials, from metal and wood, to glitter and beads. Read all directions and recommendations! Each crafter has his or her favorite glue for different purposes, but an all-purpose wet glue, like Aleene’s Tacky Glue, is always good to have around and will work for many sticky situations.

Glue sticks = to me, these fall in between the wet and dry categories, but are wonderful to have around. They won’t buckle or warp the paper, don’t require much dry time, and are easy to use. Use for gluing paper to paper.

Repositionable = consider getting a repositionable glue to hold templates and stencils in place; the chances of “ruining” a piece due to an unexpected bump are significantly decreased! The sticky stuff left on your project after removing something adhered with repositionable glue will rub right off with your fingers, leaving no marks or sticky spots! Many of the tape runners and glue dispensers now offer a repositionable option as well as permanent.

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